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Scott Duddy, Managing Director, Matthews Marking SystemsScott Duddy, Managing Director
It is 1850, and John Dixon Matthews moves from Sheffield to Pittsburgh, determined to make a decent living, that eventually begins with starting a small engraving shop. Soon he succeeds in establishing Matthews Marking Systems, and in no time, the company starts developing military stamping dies, branding irons, and stamps for wooden crates. With the turn of the 20th century, Matthews starts producing the first vulcanized rubber stamps and plates for printing on cardboard. In the 1940s, the company’s fortunes take a big leap after a contract with the department of defense (DoD) for marking the military equipment. Fast forward to today, Matthews Marking Systems stands as a leading global supplier of printing systems, control software, and more, designed to help clients increase productivity, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency.

What separates Matthews from its peers is the company’s zealous attitude to working closely with its clients from diverse industries, including building products, tire, CPG, automobiles, and more. Matthews’ other differentiator is its innovative marking and coding automation platform, MPERIA. The platform allows clients to improve the quality and efficiency of marking processes by centralizing control of their production lines, thereby ensuring faster changeovers, and better results.

“MPERIA, with its array of features, enables clients to achieve a controlled production environment, encompassing ink systems, printers, and the data coming from clients’ ERP system,” explains Scott Duddy, Managing Director of Matthews. The unique platform synchronizes easily with clients’ existing production environments using their current enterprise systems and sends crucial data to the production floor automatically. Additionally, real-time visual or text alerts enable production engineers to react quickly to coding errors or equipment faults.

In addition to MPERIA, Matthews also offers innovative printers designed to work in harsh environments, for example, printing on heavy industrial equipment under extreme heat and pressure.

MPERIA, with its array of features, enables clients to achieve a controlled production environment, encompassing ink systems, printers, and the data coming from clients’ ERP system

Not only this, the company also develops environmental-friendly inks by using water as opposed to solvents, thereby ensuring the desired dark and thick marking color.

As manufacturing processes in the building and tire industry do not allow water-based inks to dry quickly or let the substrates absorb them, Matthews, to that end, invests heavily in its chemical department to develop unique inks that can overcome the traditional challenges.

Matthews’ portfolio of offerings also includes secondary packaging, pre-print boxes, and barcoding. “Clients want to move away from traditional labels because they tend to fall off from the surface. Printing directly on the product is, by far, one of the biggest offerings of Matthews, as it results in a higher resolution mark,” adds Duddy.

Before delivering the solutions, however, Matthews follows a few steps to ensure clients get the best results. The company begins the client engagement by having its application engineering team interact with the clients to know more about the challenges they are facing and the results they are looking for. The information gathered during the interaction phase is shared with design engineers who then develop custom solutions.

A case in point, a tire manufacturer approached Mathews for a solvent-free ink. Accordingly, team Matthews worked with the manufacturer to conduct several trials before developing water-based ink in multiple colors. To date, the client has been using the ink designed by Matthews in their operations, and the outcomes have been positive.

Backed by its unique solutions, Matthews today has earned itself a rich clientele that continues to expand. Moving forward, the company looks to leverage different printer technologies and invest in research in high-resolution marking. Matthews also plans to incorporate more automation tools in its offerings for improved process control using fewer resources.

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Matthews Marking Systems

Matthews Marking Systems

Pittsburgh, PA

Scott Duddy, Managing Director

A leading global manufacturer of printing systems, control software, and more that helps its clients increase productivity, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency